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A walk in the city.

Dia de los descapacidades.  Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato, Mexico.

  The next time some politician shows up at my door promising everything, anything, including a free hula dance if you want.  When that happens again, I intend to look down at him, just to see if he is indeed standing on his daddy’s boots…


Question everything the great American tool says. Love without question and please be kind to those who have not yet realised we truly need #46NOW.


POTUS ultimatum as I understand it:  Do as I say when I say, or forget any promises I might have made to the people who elect us all.   The Twitinchief appears to have found a way out of the morass that is “repeal and…

OK Snowflake, where to now?

Following a knee replacement surgery, that Henry Ford would have approved of, (Much of it was mechanized and all of it organized assembly line fashion) my wife ran almost instantly afoul of big pharma. She’s a “no nonsense” woman with a tolerance for pain that…

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THE ALCHEMY OF ASHES For the fiends of Fort Mordorand all your fracking friendsdriving drinkable water irretreivably into rockcracking the only land we have to stand onLighting the night skywith fire and oily black smoke Will you leave ashes in your will…

For the bastard sons of billionaires….