The larcenous art


“Kleptomaniacs are always taking things literally.” – ANONYMOUS

Photographers are always taking things. It is the language of what we do, “take a few shots” “grab a quick shot of that” “Take her portrait”. People in some cultures when first introduced to the idea of photography declined to be photographed, fearing the loss of what would be taken. But actually the photographer is one of the few who can truly be in the world, capture something of its essence to share, and “leave only footprints”. The fall leaves do not miss that bit of yellow that brightens a wall somewhere reminding someone else of an autumn long ago. Nothing taken, nothing lost, and maybe if it is done right, something added. I know that dozens of people have shared a look at this mountain landscape on the webpage for CBC’s “A New Day” and you are more than welcome to take it from there and share it again. Nothing lost, and maybe, something gained.