Cool New Trick


image Old dogs & new tricks

Oh yes they most certainly can. Perhaps it is not as easy and for many good reasons.  But even if you can’t teach them it is well worth paying attention to what they have to teach.  Today the student became the teacher as our old dog led me eagerly and resolutely into the tall grass.  Once she was beyond view of anything except grass and sky she lay down, rolled in the grass and refused to budge.  Tired of whistling, clapping and cajoling, I eventually decided to see what the attraction was.  With the smell of green grass in my nostrils I felt the earth under my spine and was captivated by the gentle waving of the grass between the sky and I.  Taking the time to watch the clouds transform themselves effortlessly from ducks into elephants I shed fifty years or more and shared a few moments of my childhood with my arthritic old puppy before we both struggled back upright and limbered up for the walk back home.  A lesson learned.