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If the Prime Minister is a facist can I ever become truly Canadian?

Stephen Harper is playing a dangerous game of divide and conquer. It has been done before, but I would dearly love to believe he simply won’t get away with it this time.

Keeping the electorate focused on “the other”, playing to voters fears, and promising to protect their little piece of the economic pie is old school, tried and true, election winning strategy and Harper is “Old School”. He likes “Old Stock” Canadians, but that doesn’t actually extend to original Canadians.

Please please go out and vote. Vote for Harper if you approve of his sustained attacks on your democratic rights, but do vote.

Anyone who believes they have the moral authority to tinker with the basic rules of democracy with a slim gerymandered mandate such as his is no true believer in democracy and if he is elected again I want no part of a Canada he seems intent on creating.