Please vote



My Canada is adrift. A deluge of corruption and cynicism at the highest levels is washing away the bedrock belief that we as Canadians matter, that we can make a difference.


We are not powerless. We watch the glaciers dissapear in front of our eyes, but every day with every decision we make as consumers we have the potential to exercise the power of our dollars to battle climate change.


Big business and big government don’t care about individual Canadians. They show us the same regard a steam roller shows a snake. IMG_3198 But when we vote, when we all vote, not just on election day, but everyday with our dollars we can make our views known and felt at the highest levels.


We can have different political leanings, and still lean on each other as Canadians.

We can reach out to each other as Canadians and re-assure each other that the fear and isolation politicians are preaching is simply not real


Reach out to each other.


Vote your concience, but please vote.