Following a knee replacement surgery, that Henry Ford would have approved of, (Much of it was mechanized and all of it organized assembly line fashion) my wife ran almost instantly afoul of big pharma.

She’s a “no nonsense” woman with a tolerance for pain that sometimes astonishes me.  She would prefer natural remedies over the latest patented molecules but when the guy you trust to take a knife, (and a saw and a drill) to your knee says “do this” or “do that” , even she will defer to his expertise.   So we do as we are told and fill perscriptions for a highly addictive pain killer, and an anti-nasuea medication intended to counter some of the effects of the pain meds.  However the anti nausea meds do not work as advertized.  After days of intense pain, made worse by the constant retching and the inability to keep the pain medication down a physicians assistant at the “Knew Nee Factory” writes her a new perscription for 3 hundred dollars worth of anti nausea medication which we dutifully fill, and faithfully follow all directions for its use, only to find it is utterly useless.  Finally, and again days later, a harried and overworked ER doc perscribes a 13 dollar anti-nausea pill that works.


I understand the surgeon’s assistant is still going to medical school, and probably facing huge student loan debts.  It may be that “Big Pharma” is helping with the bills, or not, but doctors no less than mechanics need to be more honest.


I have had an honest mechanic tell me he could install a brand name part for three hundred dollars but would actually reccommend a 13 dollar part that will work just as well.  This (medical) guy never even mentioned the 13 dollar option.


When doctors allow druggists to write their medical reccomendations, (And how much of modern medicine is just that, reccommending medicine?  Really, when was the last time you came away from a doctors office without a prescription in your hand?) their contract with their  patients is, I believe voided.


I have since learned the 13 dollar pill has been tried and trusted by doctors for more than 40 years.  The new 300 dollar one is being investigated for potential harmful side-effects.


“One pill makes you larger And one pill makes you small, And the ones that mother gives you Don’t do anything at all”


Go ask Alice…..



(This post is from one year ago. Today we find ourselves dealing with an even more ludicrous situation and I just need to do some screaming about it.)